The Yargus Manufacturing panel shop and software department has been in service for over five years. It is currently made up of three PLC programmers, one full-time panel builder, and one PC programmer specializing in C# programming language.

Custom Designed. Customer Focused.

The purpose of adding this division was to enhance customer support, as well as to keep on the cutting edge of technology in the fertilizer industry. There have already been two major coding revisions, as the needs and desires of our customers drive our thought processes. The Yargus PLC panels were designed with flexibility and user defined setup in mind. This way the customer does not have to waste valuable time reaching out to tech support when the power to make necessary modifications is in their hands.

Our in-house staff currently maintains two different iterations of PLC code, created custom code for our Rice Lake scale indicators, and integrates many different agronomy software packages to work with our system.

Innovation in action.

The software department is always making advances with new and improved software as new ideas and opportunities arise. This includes the testing of new devices, sensors, or anything that can improve the functionality of our most advanced blender on the market. For example, our iPad integration allows a single operator to run an entire blending plant from a wireless network.