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The LAYCOTE Automated Liquid Coating System provides a new level of coating accuracy for a stand-alone coating system or for coating (impregnating) in an automated blending system.

The unique metering and mixing chamber provides accurate results as the Layco PLC (computer) monitors the flow, as well as, the flow of the liquid or powder during the coating process.  The LAYCOTE 100 Automated Liquid Coating System integrates easily into the Layco Automated Blending System or can be used as a separate coating system to provide fast efficient coating for bulk storage or into a bagging system.The newly developed LAYCOTE 400 Dual Ribbon Auger High-Capacity Coating System is designed to mix fertilizers and coat liquids and powders quickly and effectively in a continuous blending or coating process.  

The new LAYCOTE Automated Powder Coating System,  was developed to accurately deliver powders onto dry blends utilizing Layco's Automation technology.  

Both LAYCOTE systems utilize automation technology as well as positive feedback monitering to accurately meter and impregnate liquids and powders per the required rate.The operator can control the system from the control room or from a remote iPad.  


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