laycote logoThe LAYCOTE Automated Coating System is a new standard of applying liquids and or powders to various fertilizers or materials.

The LAYCOTE Automated Coating System uses the LAYCO-PRO Automation software to control the flow of the base material as well as the coating materials. The result is an accurate and controlled coating system that allows the operator to set the required tonnage to coat and the required product to apply as a coating and the system will look after the rest.

The LAYCOTE Automated Coating System comes in a 200 and 400 Series models that allows for coating at a rate of 200 US TPH and up to 400 US TPH (181 mt/hr– 362 mt/hr).

Yargus Manufacturing uses the latest in Automation technology as well as the use of 304 Stainless Steel to ensure the system performs as required in harsh fertilizer environments.

The LAYCOTE Coating Series consists of the following features:

  • Fully Automated – PLC (Computer controlled)
  • Operator enters in required product required per ton. System monitors flow for accuracy.
  • System can discharge coated or non-coated fertilizers for integration into automated blending systems.
  • Automation allows for product name and rate input for required coating rate.
  • System Touch Screen control for quick entry of coating requirements.
  • Layco Remote utilizing Apple iPad technology. System can be operated from the pay loader.
  • LAYCOTE Nozzle configuration for maximum product coverage on fertilizer.
  • Easy Access door for quick maintenance and cleaning.
  • Nozzle flow indicator to ensure correct rates are applied.
  • LAYCOTE systems can be operated for coating into bulk storage or bagging operations.
  • LAYCOTE Systems can be slowed down to matched to system capacity requirements.
  • Through the System control room, load pre-set formulations into the Layco Formulations Software to coat fertilizers fast and efficiently.